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Bracken P. Darrell

Präsident und CEO, Logitech

Bracken Darrell joined logitech as president in 2012 and became chief executive officer a year later. He is a proponent of the importance of the liberal arts and design in business, especially of their role in innovating product experiences for consumers. He is an English major from Hendrix College and brings to Logitech experience in product and brand building through design. Bracken Darrell has worked around the world on iconic brands like Gillette, Braun, P&G and GE. Since he took over Logitech three years ago, the company’s stock price and profits have more than tripled in the same period.

Logitech was founded in Apples, Switzerland, in 1981 and soon developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of computer mice. Its market opportunities have expanded over time and now comprise mice, keyboards, gaming products, speakers and earbuds as well as smart home devices. The company operates across the world, employing around 7 000 staff, and generates annual revenues of approximately USD 2 billion. It sells its products in more than one hundred countries.

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5. April 2017


«The value of design and innovation»

Innovation and design as the key to success – these pillars have helped Bracken Darrell and the Logitech team achieve an impressive turn- around. The head of Logitech set about reinventing the company into a newly innovative and growing business in a short space of time, in spite of a challenging economic background and a declining PC market. What were the strategies and measures that led to this transformation? How can a global brand be revitalized? What role do design, product innovation and corporate culture play? Bracken Darrell introduced a start-up mentality at this major organisation, systematically focusing product experiences on design, functionality and simplification. Thanks to innovations in areas such as smart home technology, wireless music and gaming, Logitech has long-term ambitions to continue its new momentum.